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Forthcoming congresses


18th EADO Congress
Hybrid congress

21-23 April 2022
Sevilla, Spain

Contact: eado2022@bocemtium.com

Website: https://www.eado2022.com/


19th EADO Congress

2023, Rome, Italy


20th EADO Congress

2024, Paris, France

  21st EADO Congress

2025, Athens, Greece


       22nd EADO Congress

2026, Prague, Czech Republic


23rd EADO Congress

2027, Barcelona, Spain


24th EADO Congress

2028, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Past congresses

 17th EADO Congress & 10th World Congress of Melanoma 

Interactive Virtual meeting 

15-17 April 2021




16th EADO Congress (Virtual meeting)

12-14 October 2020, Vilnius, Lithuania



15th EADO Congress 

24-27 April 2019, Paris, France



14th EADO Congress & 9th World Meeting of Interdisciplinary Melanoma / Skin Cancer Centers 
6-9 November 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Organizing committee: 

Claus Garbe. Tuebingen, Germany
Axel Hauschild. Kiel, Germany
Josep Malvehy. Barcelona, Spain
Vernon Sondak. Tampa, Florida, USA
John Thompson. Sydney, Australia


Website: www.congresseado-melanomacenters2018.com

Phone: 00 34 933 685 538


EADO 2017

13th Congress of the EADO
 – 6 May 2017, Athens, Greece

Organised by: Alexander Stratigos 

Website: www.eado2017.org

Phone: 00 30 210 7414700



16th World Congress on Cancers of the Skin

12th Congress of the EADO
 August – 3 September 2016, Vienna, Austria

Organised by: 
Hubert Pehamberger and Christoph Höller

Phone: 00 49 (0)30 20 45 90



11th EADO Congress and 8th World meeting of Interdisciplinary Melanoma/Skin Centers

28-31 October 2015, Marseille, France

Organised by: Jean-Jacques Grob

Website: www.eado-melanomacenters-marseille2015.com

Phone: 00 33 1 70 39 35 64

E-mail: info@eado-melanomacenters-marseille2015.com 



10th EADO Congress

7th-10th May 2014, Vilnius, Lithuania

Presidents: Matilda Bylaite & Claus Garbe

Website: www.eado2014.com

Phone: +370 6 121 14 14

E-mail: info@eado2014.com



9th EADO Congress 2013 (in conjunction of the 8th World Congress of Melanoma)

17th-20th July 2013, Hamburg, Germany

Presidents: Claus Garbe (Tuebingen, Germany) & Axel Hauschild (Kiel, Germany)

Phone: +49 30 20 459 0

Fax:     +49 30 20 459 50

E-mail: congress@worldmelanoma2013.com



8th EADO Congress 2012 (in conjunction of the 7th World Meeting of Interdisciplinary Melanoma/Skin Cancer Centers)

14th-17th November 2012, Barcelona, Spain

President: Josep Malvehy, Barcelona, Spain

Website: www.melanoma2012.com





7th EADO Congress 2011

20th -23th June 2011, Nantes, France    

President: Brigitte Dréno, Nantes, France






6th EADO Congress 2010

16th-19th June, 2010, Athens, Greece

President: Alexander Stratigos, Athens, Greece

9th EADO Congress 2013

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