EADO research projects


Project title


Access to innovative medicines in metastatic melanoma in Europe 
Lidija Kandolf Sekulovic
A multicenter study assessing the epidemiological, clinical and diagnostic patterns
of thin nodular melanoma
Alexander Stratigos
MELSKINTOX: cutaneous rash induced by check point inhibitors Brigitte Dreno

Ketty Peris

Melanoma in transplant recipients Celeste Lebbe
Building a staging /classification system by unsupervised clustering of
cases by experts

Jean-Jacques Grob
Clinical pictures of skin cancers Josep Malvehy

Evaluation of peripheral blood lymphocyte/neutrophil ratio in a cohort of patients
with stage III to IV melanoma treated with anti CTL4 or PD-1 antibodies and
correlation with response to treatment and outcome 

Iris Zalaudek
White book of dermato-oncology training in Europe Ana-Maria Forsea

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