Certification in Medical Tumor Therapy Application



Examinations for obtaining the European Certificate for Medical Tumour Therapy in Dermatooncology will take place at the end of the annual European School of Dermato-Oncology (ESDO) course in January each year.

The examination will test the knowledge and skills described above. It will consist of a written examination in the form of Multiple Choice Questions.

 The examination fee is 200 €.

Application for examination

Candidates will apply by sending to info@eado.org the following documents:

  • Application form, filled out and signed (download form here)
  • Copy of the Board Certificate in Dermatology OR Confirmation of the status of final year resident in dermatology, signed and stamped by the Residency Program Director
  • Logbook of training activities* performed, signed and stamped by the supervisors of each training institution  (download form here)
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Copy of the diploma of attendance of an ESDO course, or the proof of registration for the upcoming ESDO course during which the Examination will take place

*Should include detailed information about training periods and fields of activity. Scientific projects and special training courses in the field of dermato-oncology should be described

Applications will be accepted until November 1st each year, for the Examination in January of the following year.

The completed files will be verified for conformity by the EADO Certification Committee. The applicants will be notified regarding their eligibility for the Examination by November 30th. Eligible applicants will be invited to take the examination after settling the examination fee of 200 EUR.

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