EADO is a key-role player in European Dermato-oncology, looking forward to cooperate with organizations with similar missions across Europe and beyond for promoting excellence in dermato-oncology practice, training and research. As such EADO welcomes the applications for the statute of EADO Affiliated Organization 

EADO Affiliated Organizations


Eligibility for the statute of EADO Affiliated Organization:


Affiliated Organizations can be:

National or multi-national non-profit organizations dedicated to combating skin cancer: Charities, foundations, institutes, health professionals or scientific associations, patients advocacy groups etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Affiliated Organizations:

  • Legally established organization
  • National relevance (not only local/regional activity)
  • Good track record of activity in the field of skin cancer (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research or education) 

II. Representatives of Affiliated Organizations

Affiliated organizations will designate one person as a representative in the relationship with EADO.

Representatives of Affiliated Organizations have the following privileges:

  • Regular membership to EADO
  • Can participate at EADO research projects
  • Can be co-opted in the EADO committees and working groups
  • Are invited to joint sessions with the EADO Board, to discuss projects, proposals and collaborations (without voting rights)
  • Are offered reduced registration to EADO congresses
  • Are invited to EADO Faculty social events

The link to the organizations and the list of their representatives will be placed on the EADO website under the designated “affiliated organizations” webspace.

The affiliated organizations should:

  • Collaborate with the EADO for organizing scientific/education events in the respective countries
  • Collaborate with the EADO for research projects in the respective country
  • Act to encourage the registration as EADO members in their respective countries/organizations
  • List the link of the EADO webpage on the Organizations webpage. The EADO Logo cannot be used for other purposes by the Affiliated Organization without the formal permission from EADO.
  • Affiliated organizations can nominate each year one person to participate at the EADO School of Dermato-oncology (ESDO) with reduced fee

III. Procedure of application:

The Application file would contain the following documents (in English):

  • Letter of motivation signed by the president of the applicant organization
  • Completed and signed form of presentation of the organization (download here)
  • CV of the person designated to represent the organization in its relationship with EADO


Application path

Application file will be sent electronically to the EADO Secretariat at the e-mail address:info@eado.org. The Secretary for Country Integration examines the application file for completeness and eligibility, requests and gathers supplementary information if necessary. Eligible applications will be submitted by the Secretariat to all Board members for examination.

The decision on the application should be reached at the first Board Meeting after the circulation of the application to Board members.

In order to assure a prompt informing of all Board members and to allow time of discussion and decision, the applications will be included in the Board Meeting agenda only if the application was received at least 2 months previously at the Secretariat. 

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