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EADO – the European Association for Skin Cancer Specialists
The EADO community currently counts over 600 eminent members from more than 60 countries, as well as numerous supporters who contribute to and participate in the EADO Annual Conferences and other EADO initiatives.

Representing a variety of disciplines - dermatologists, oncologists and clinical as well as basic research scientists interested in the field of Dermato Oncology -- EADO members are expert skin cancer professionals who support our organisation's aim to increase the understanding and treatment of skin cancer including primary and secondary prevention, early detection, clinical diagnosis and clinical and experimental research.

EADO membership benefits include:

  • Information about the latest updates in dermato-oncology.
  • EADO newsletter.
  • Access to the members only dedicated space on the EADO website, with a members' directory, scientific publications, past congress presentations & photos...
  • Being part of the members' directory accessible to the EADO members on the association's website 

Membership categories

Membership is offered to persons and companies.

Regular FREE

Scientist / Physician working in fields related to Skin Cancer who 
has contributed knowledge to the field. 

New applicants must submit:

Brief bio-sketch in English including a publication list
Emeritus FREE

Scientist / Physician meeting Regular Members requirements, but who is retired from full-time employment.

New applicants must submit:

Brief bio-sketch in English


New EADO board members are elected by the board  because of their personal value in Dermato Oncology and they represent most of the European countries.

Start and Termination of Membership

Members are accepted by the board resolving on the proposal for acceptance by a two-third majority of present members in open vote. The Board will make an official proposal to the board meeting that will decide by voting. An application for acceptance may be refused without giving reasons.

Membership is terminated by death or in case of loss of legal personality (in case of legal entities by dissolution):

a) by voluntary resignation

may be declared only at the end of the corporate year and is to be announced at least one month in advance by letter to the Association; the date of the post stamp shall be relevant for effectiveness.

b) by expulsion

Members who impair the reputation of the functioning of the association or who do not comply with their corporate obligations may be expelled by the Board in secrete vote by two-third majority. Expulsion shall be effective immediately. The expellee shall be entitled to object expulsion within thirty days at the president in writing and to demand a Board of Arbitration to be formed within this time limit (the date of the post stamp shall be relevant). This Board of Arbitration shall decide on the objection.

To become a member or renew your membership

  • Register easily online

  • If you apply for membership in EADO for the first time, you are required to provide documentation. Please refer to the above membership categories to check which documents you need to provide.
  • Submit the required details online or return your membership form and required documents by e-mail at:

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